Certified and individual

At High Peak Pet Funeral Services, we only carry out genuine, individual cremations in accordance with the codes of practice of the Association of Private Pet Cemeteries & Crematoria. Unequivocally, that means that only one pet is placed into the cremation chamber at any one time. Following the cremation, all ashes are removed from the chamber and the chamber is brushed clean. The ashes are then placed into a casket or tribute of your choice.

For our clients that wish to be present at the time of cremation or simply want to say that last goodbye, we have a room set aside for such occasions. The Farewell Room.

We do not carry out mass disposals or handle clinical waste of any description from the vets.

We are completely independent of all veterinary practices.

Unlike some pet crematoria, we always return ashes with a Certificate of Cremation guaranteeing that the cremation was carried out in accordance with the APPCC codes of practice and that 100% and only the ashes of your pet are returned.