Vet or High Peak Pet Funeral Services

It is natural to want to entrust your treasured friend to the person who has looked after its health all his or her life. However many owners having made this choice do have doubts about their decision after the event because they were too distressed to ask the relevant questions beforehand.

In order to help in a time of extreme pain and sadness, we have prepared a list of questions you should ask the vet in order to ensure that you receive the caring service both you and your pet expect and deserve.

Click here for a printer friendly version of these questions.


HPPFS Your Vet
Will my pet be placed in a plastic bag & frozen? NO ?
Will my pet be transported along with clinical waste or other animals for disposal? NO ?
Does your facility cremate pets on numbered trays or use some other form of separation? NO ?
Do you only cremate pets completely individually i.e. only one animal placed into the cremation chamber at any one time? YES ?
Do you issue a certificate of cremation guaranteeing the ashes are those of your pet and none other? YES ?
Will my pet be treated with care & dignity at all times? YES ?
Can I transport my pet to your facility myself? YES ?
Is the facility a member of the APPCC? YES ?
Does the facility closely follow the codes of practice of the APPCC? YES ?
Will I be able to inspect the facility before my pet is cremated? YES ?
Can I have a priority service so I can get my pets ashes back the same day? YES ?
Can I watch my pet being cremated? YES ?
Do you 100% guarantee that the ashes I receive are those and all of my pet and none other? YES ?